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Ask Bru

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Description of Service: I will analyze the energy surrounding your issue of concern and offer practical and thorough advice using mentalism, universal law and any other tools that I feel will be helpful to you immediately and long-term. My advice is straightforward, clear and can be used to supplement or replace any magical/spiritual practice.✨

Please read before booking: 

THESE ARE NOT READINGS.✨ I am not a “reader,” in the traditional sense. My purpose is to look at the information that YOU provide me with, in order to advise you on what the best course of action will be for you, now and in the long-term. So these sessions are very light on the “reading” aspect and heavy on the advice aspect. The advice is the main component.

THE “ENERGY ANALYSIS” IS FOR MY UNDERSTANDING.✨ In addition to the information and insight that I get directly from you, I also focus on picking up energy and aspects that you may not be explicitly sharing or may not be aware of yourself that could be factors in your situation.

I AM NOT A PSYCHIC OR A “FORTUNE TELLER.”✨I don’t know if that’s the “right” man for you or if you made the “wrong” choice going into business for yourself. What I can help you do is to understand the actual concepts behind “right” and “wrong” choices and assist you in determining what is right or wrong for YOU, so that you know where to direct your intentions.

Each session is divided into 3 parts: what I am picking up on intuitively; what I am able to confirm, correct and elaborate on through formal divination, if needed; and my “prescription” aka my advice, tips and resources for you.✨

Once your appointment is booked and payment is received, please send me an email at informing me of your question or concern.💜