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Beautiful Bru’s Money Oil
Beautiful Bru’s Money Oil
Beautiful Bru’s Money Oil

Beautiful Bru’s Money Oil

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My Money Oil attracts financial blessings and prosperity in various forms, including money, gifts, discounts,  employment & business opportunities and success, when gambling, seeking loans and other financial favors, and more.💸✨

My favorite ways to use this oil are on the hands and feet or on the skin, in general. Also, I suggest adding it to glass or freestanding money candles. …
--in baths or footbaths
--in oil warmers
--add to lotions, creams, shampoos, etc.
--on debit cards, bills, bank statements, pocketbooks, wallets, scratch-off tickets, etc...
-on your money (add a pinch of ground cinnamon along with the oil, fold the bill towards you, keep on you, in your wallet, pocket, shoe, etc)
--on anything that you use to make money (if you're a barber, you could anoint your clippers; an Uber driver could anoint their car or steering wheel; work badges, uniforms, cash registers, etc...
--during money meditation rituals...the oil can be applied to your temples or other locations or tools, as well as inhaled while you listen to money meditation music or chants, to help you align yourself to receive
--inhale the SMELLS like money!
--play money-themed music for your oil to charge it
--put a drop on your lips. I have had customers do this when going to speak to their bosses about a raise or when negotiating prices for a car, house, etc.
--There is no WRONG way to use this oil. As always, I encourage everyone to use their intuition when deciding how to use the oil. ✨