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Beautiful Bru’s Money Oil
Beautiful Bru’s Money Oil
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Beautiful Bru’s Money Oil

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My Money/Prosperity Oil attracts financial blessings in various forms, including money, gifts, savings, opportunities and ideas to make money and garner success.✨


My MONEY OIL is very versatile in how it can be used. The most common way is a few drops placed directly on the skin. I place a drop on each hand and each foot--this symbolically represents everything you touch turning to money and money following you wherever you go. Another way to use the oil is on a green candle (glass or freestanding). You put just a little oil on your hands and rub it on the candle glass and the surface, away from the wick. A pinch of ground cinnamon is also very helpful to add, as cinnamon is an attraction herb. When lighting the candle, you can speak your intentions and, using every sense, visualize the desired outcome for which you are using the oil. Once you've done that, release the energy of your manifestation, knowing that you will receive it.

Other ways to use the money oil are:
--in baths or footbaths
--in oil warmers
--add to lotions, creams, shampoos, etc.
--on debit cards, bills, bank statements, pocketbooks, wallets, scratch-off tickets, etc...
-on your money (add a pinch of ground cinnamon along with the oil, fold the bill towards you, keep on you, in your wallet, pocket, shoe, etc)
--on anything that you use to make money (if you're a barber, you could anoint your clippers; an Uber driver could anoint their car or steering wheel; work badges, uniforms, cash registers, etc...
--during money meditation rituals...the oil can be applied to your temples or other locations or tools, as well as inhaled while you listen to money meditation music or chants, to help you align yourself to receive
--inhale the oil...it SMELLS like money!
--play money-themed music for your oil to charge it
--put a drop on your lips. I have had customers do this when going to speak to their bosses about a raise or when negotiating prices for a car, house, etc.
--There is no WRONG way to use this oil. As always, I encourage everyone to use their intuition when deciding how to use the oil.

What to expect: Money blessings can show up in multiple ways, not only as cash in your hand. I've had people tell me that they've had meals paid for at restaurants, bills paid by anonymous donors, random checks pop up in the mail or money appearing out of nowhere, unexpected gifts, savings at checkout in the store or on repairs or maintenance, raises at work, big wins on raffles and lottery tickets, as well as scratch offs and in gambling, opportunities to make money, etc..even finding a penny on the ground is a sign from the Universe that abundance is your birthright. I've found that when you are grateful for the seemingly small things, bigger blessings are not too far behind. Always show gratitude.💚