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Beautiful Bru’s Yellow Rose Healing Oil
Beautiful Bru’s Yellow Rose Healing Oil
Beautiful Bru’s Yellow Rose Healing Oil

Beautiful Bru’s Yellow Rose Healing Oil

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My Yellow Rose Healing Oil offers comfort and spiritual assistance to those affected by emotional, physical and spiritual trauma and dis-ease. This oil carries an especially soothing energy that lends to ease the process of healing from an array of distressing situations.💛

Yellow Rose Healing Oil can be used on any area of the (physical or energetic) body where healing, comfort, or ease is needed. It can also be added to any products that you use regularly, such as creams, ointments, hair lotions, body washes, etc...dressing a blue, yellow or white candle with the Healing Oil is also a great way to use it.💛

One of the most empowering ways to use my Yellow Rose Healing Oil is in conjunction with an energy healing method, like my Blue Light Healing Method. I was divined this method in 2017 after suffering with back pain due to slipped discs for years. I am reposting it here for those who do not already have an energy healing ritual. Please feel free to incorporate the Yellow Rose Healing Oil at any point in this ritual that you feel led to.✨

Blue Light Healing Method ✨💙✨ 

This method can be used to alleviate physical as well as emotional pain. This should be done in the darkness and the quiet. You do not need any tools for this, but if you choose to use candles, incense, or a conductor such as a glass of water, that is perfectly fine. Feel free to customize any of the steps or the method as a whole to fit what resonates with you.

1st, you must be able to visualize the pain within your mind's eye. Imagine it as something that you can see...a ball of light, a mass, give it a color, a shape, a texture. Make it as vivid as possible. Remember that it's a visual representation of the pain and will be the focal point of this meditation.

Next, you're going to do something that seems counterintuitive to being in pain. Instead of trying to take your mind OFF of the pain that you feel, you're going to concentrate intensely on it. Allow yourself to feel the pain as thoroughly as you can. If it's physical, press down where the pain is (in a way that will not cause long-term damage to yourself), stretch or bend or otherwise intensify the pain. If it's emotional or mental, FOCUS ON THE SOURCE and the feelings resulting from it. The point of this step is to confront the pain and to feel it as entirely as you can. Hold the depth of that pain for as long as you are able.

Then, shift your focus back to the visual representation of the pain that you created in the first step and imagine it disintegrating, evaporating, crumbling or breaking up into "1000 points of light" (my personal visual) and floating away back into the darkness around you. This is the pain leaving your body, your mind and your being. Allow this step to take as long as it takes.

Anytime we remove, we must replace. Not filling a void gives what was replaced the space and the opportunity to return. So the last step is to imagine the pain being replaced with the energy of healing and wellness. I imagined a blue glowing light, but you can choose any representation that comes naturally to you...a white or gold glow, soft clouds of pink, etc...allow it to permeate your entire body, entering at the site of pain and softly settling into every other part of you. Imagine this exchange until you can no longer distinguish this healing energy from the rest of you. Once you've allowed this last step to complete, relax your body and mind, go to sleep, etc.

Those who have tried this method or a variation of it (including myself) felt the pain actually intensify shortly after doing it, then experienced the pain go away completely. Results, of course, are unique to the individual, but I would definitely like to hear if and how this works for those of you who try it.✨💙✨