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Divinely One

Divinely One

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10 mL

The Law of Divine Oneness reminds us that we all come from and are connected to the same Source. Our thoughts, words, beliefs and actions affect not only ourselves, but others and the Universe. We come from a collective and so all of these things affect not only us, but the collective as well.

When we put up high vibrations, we see them reflected back to us through others. When we met low vibration, we see those. It is easy to feel disconnected and alone when we look at ourselves as a small and insignificant part of the Universe.  We all work in conjunction with one another, whether we intend to or not. Working alone has its uses, but working together to help one another and raise the collective frequency can bring a great source of happiness and purpose.  

Use Divinely One to: 

Help you shift perspective, feeling less isolated and more connected and supported💫

Notice more ways in which you can provide support for others and have it mirrored back to you💫

Be more aware of the major and minor parts that others play in our lives, in the form of synchronicities, confirmations and alignment💫

See our vibration and feelings as a boomerang, which helps us to control those aspects of Self💫

Encourage forgiveness of Self and others for experiences that we have created with them💫

Apply to the body and Inhale the fragrance with your specific intention in mind. Inhale fragrance again when a reminder of your intention is needed. After consistent use, the brain will automatically make a connection between your specific intention and the fragrance, helping to cultivate a supportive frequency for success.✨