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Ebb & Flow
Ebb & Flow

Ebb & Flow

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10 mL

The Law of Rhythm states that the energy in the universe is like a pendulum. Whenever something swings to the right, it must then swing to the left. There are ebbs and flows, highs and lows, ups and downs in everything on Earth and in the universe. The pendulum swing is symbolic of universal energies. Everything is always either growing or dying.

Everything in nature has a cycle.✨ The key to success in mastering this law is controlling the way that we react to the “good” and the “bad.”  When you are conscious, you are no longer affected by what used to affect you. 

Once you understand this law, it forces you to become more aware of yourself on a more conscious level. Once you commit to understanding yourself, you will understand what’s happening and render yourself less likely to be “carried away” by what’s happening. 

 Use Ebb & Flow to: 

Reinforce the understanding that down times should not be measured in terms of failure, decrease or loss, but instead looked at as periods of rest, reflection and restructure💫

Decrease the tendency to get carried away with the emotion of what’s happening.💫

Maintain your mental perspective by remembering that this is how the Universe and everything within it works by nature.💫

Discipline yourself to let go of things, people and experiences when it’s time and remain detached to whatever extent it needed.💫

Keep your internal energy neutral and balanced.💫

Apply to the body and Inhale the fragrance with your specific intention in mind. Inhale fragrance again when a reminder of your intention is needed. After consistent use, the brain will automatically make a connection between your specific intention and the fragrance, helping to cultivate a supportive frequency for success.✨