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Ego Death
Ego Death
Ego Death
Ego Death
Ego Death

Ego Death

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Alchemy Intention Elixir...1 oz./Mist...4 oz.

Our "Ego” is the story that we tell ourselves about who we are.💎

In the context of spirituality, it’s a tool that we create to identify our sense of Self in contrast to others and to life itself and what causes us to see ourselves as separate from those. Ego is the awareness that we use to label people (including Self), emotions, and experiences  as inherently “wrong” or “right, “good” or “bad,” “negative” or “positive,” “acceptable” or “unacceptable.” When we do this, we subject ourselves and others to judgment, fear and suffering.✨

Ego Death is the experience of transcending these identities that we’ve assigned to Self and everything else in our experience and accepting them in their simplest forms, as just existing.✨

This experience can be frightening, as many of us have formed an over-attachment to our Ego. But it can also be Awakening, Illuminating, Loving, Compassionate, and Peaceful, as we allow the transformation to take place.✨

Work With Ego Death to:

Connect with your simplest and truest Self💎

See life’s experiences freely and without judgment💎 

Expand your view of reality by honing in on the bigger picture💎

Ground yourself in the present moment💎

Deconstruct your idea of Self-image💎

Move yourself out of Duality and into Oneness with others and life💎