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“Favor” Goddess Gloss
“Favor” Goddess Gloss

“Favor” Goddess Gloss

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10 mL...3-pack bundle available in the Packages/Bundles section🌸

👑🔮💋Favor follows the sovereign being everywhere that you go and in everything that you do.🌟 Apply Beautiful Bru’s Favor Goddess Gloss to add power to your spoken intentions, to bring life to your affirmations, and to infuse your words with the energy of divine assistance. 

Suggested Ways to Use Your Favor Goddess Gloss🔮

💋Apply it when speaking intentions over your spellwork or other rituals✨

💋Apply it prior to conversations with others in which you will be attempting to influence the movement of love or money✨

💋Apply it when speaking to someone about an opportunity in which you may benefit financially✨

💋Apply it when discussing a relationship to sway a more favorable outcome for you✨

💋Apply it when speaking love or financial blessings, success over someone else✨

💋Apply it when singing or reciting lyrics that pertain to your relationship or financial goals✨