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Goddess Elixir: Azealia
Goddess Elixir: Azealia

Goddess Elixir: Azealia

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1 oz./Dropper…10 mL/Roller👑🌟An intense blend of lilac with hints of pistachio and pure amber🌸

Although each one of the Beautiful Bru Goddess Elixirs inspires different aspects of healing work, on some level, Goddess Elixir: Azealia introduces the opportunity to initiate healing courtesy of our triggers and repressions aka our shadow.♟

The epitome of Shadow Work energy, Azealia inspires us to replace suspicion and attack with surrender and acceptance. Whether you’re tackling inner child recognition or your adult archetypes, this Elixir supports you in observing your experiences and doing so without judgment or shame. A major part of this awareness involves finding and/or creating healthy forms of self-expression, which also renders Azealia ideal for communication verbally and magically (particularly for banishing work, which sends away energy that has proven difficult for you to transmute).🌟

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown☸️ 
Self-Honor, Protection, Personal Peace, Letting Go, Inner Work, Healing, Personal Freedom, Mysticism🌟