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Goddess Elixir: Chloe
Goddess Elixir: Chloe

Goddess Elixir: Chloe

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1 oz./An electrifying blend of blood orange sangria, sweet nectar and coral rose🌸

The fierce energy that Goddess Elixir: Chloe brings supports you as you explore and blossom into new and authentic versions of Self. She encourages gentle detachment in letting go, yet still honoring, ideas of who you used to be or thought you were. Chloe is an ideal Goddess for nurturing confidence and fearlessness in those who may be especially sensitive to the natural process of personal growth.🌟 

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Throat, Crown☸️  

Self-Honor, Protection, Charm & Attraction, Personal Peace, Fun-Loving, Ambition, Inner Work, Personal Freedom, Sexuality🌟