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Goddess Elixir: Jazmine
Goddess Elixir: Jazmine

Goddess Elixir: Jazmine

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1 oz./Dropperā€¦10 mL/RolleršŸ‘‘šŸŒŸ A sensual highlight of sweet nectarine, jasmine and creamy coconutšŸŒøĀ 

Goddess Elixir: JazmineĀ is ideal for those who are working on being less reactionary and more thorough in their decision-making. She follows in the tradition of Goddesses likeĀ AriĀ andĀ IndiaĀ in encouraging a strong balance between emotion and logic, but adds a component of vulnerability and honesty in order to expand your self-awareness. JazmineĀ is also a sterling Goddess forĀ work with the power of voice and the ability to directlyĀ verbalize your needs and wants in romantic relationships.šŸŒŸ

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throatā˜øļø
Personal Peace, Letting Go, Inner Work, Healing, Personal Freedom, SexualityšŸŒŸ