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Goddess Elixir: Lori
Goddess Elixir: Lori

Goddess Elixir: Lori

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1 oz/Dropper…10mL/Roller👑💎A lush blend of violet, gardenia and warm vanilla🌸

A perfect complement to Goddess Elixirs: Erykah, Rihanna or Ciara or utilized unaccompanied, the Lori Elixir’s energy is unmistakably carefree and ultra-feminine.🌟

This Goddess reminds you of the importance of maintaining a free-spirit and priority of Self. This Elixir appeals to those who want to explore their softer, more graceful side and allow space for themselves to be more comfortable in receiving and accepting beautiful tangible things, as well as experiences, from others.💎

Lori carries an energy of certainty, yet modesty, holding tight to standards and treatment in alignment with the best and most valued version of her Goddess Self, never settling or negotiating on expectations. She prompts self-reflection and awareness in every situation, being sure to choose best, each time.✨

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown☸️ 

Self-Honor, Protection, Charm & Attraction, Money-Drawing, Personal Peace, Ambition, Personal Freedom, Sexuality, Mysticism🌟