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Goddess Elixir: Normani
Goddess Elixir: Normani

Goddess Elixir: Normani

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1 oz./Dropper…10 mL/Roller👑🌟 A seamless blend of delicate coconut, sensual sandalwood and sweet shea🌸

Goddess Elixir: Normani will connect deeply with those who struggle with perfectionism, whether it be in regards to your work, your relationships, your outward appearance or any other aspect of life. She encourages a simpler way of thinking, one that allows your experiences, even the ones that fall short of “perfection,” to shape and shift you and your life for your betterment.

If you tend to overthink, second guess, and get in your own way, working with Normani can help to make clearer your own expectations of Self, as opposed to those that others hold for you, and what makes you happy. She gently motivates you in deciding on your own vision, what moves your spirit and then realizing and initiating what needs to be done to pull in that experience.

Normani is perfect for those battling with resistance, incorporating her into use can help you to see every decision as a potential to shift the culture of your life to one that is free-flowing and true to you.🌟

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart☸️

Self-Honor, Protection, Personal Peace, Ambition, Letting Go, Inner Work, Personal Freedom🌟