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Goddess Elixir: Rihanna
Goddess Elixir: Rihanna
Goddess Elixir: Rihanna

Goddess Elixir: Rihanna

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1 oz./Dropper Bottle…10mL/Roller👑🔥A dominating infusion of red rose, jasmine and dark sandalwood🌸

Rihanna’s commanding energy can be a bit intense for first-time Elixir users and is often best paired with more tempered Goddesses, like Erykah, Solange or India, until her frequency becomes accustomed to.

Rihanna is the quintessential Elixir for commanding attention and for serving the confidence to accompany it. If you need all eyes on you in any social or private situation, this is your go-to.🤩

The strong domination component of this Elixir lends heavily to the ability to get things done; either by mastering your own actions or in influencing and compelling those of others. This Elixir operates on a frequency that is excellent for those who need to balance emotion with more logic.

Rihanna is also a great libido booster, for those who wish to intensify and maximize their sex drive and increase their affect on others through personal attraction.💫           

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart and Crown☸️

Self-Honor, Protection, Charm & Attraction, Money-Drawing, Fun-Loving, Ambition, Personal Freedom, Sexuality✨