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Goddess Elixir: Syd
Goddess Elixir: Syd

Goddess Elixir: Syd

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1 oz./Dropper…10mL/Roller👑☯️ Warm and grounded notes of mahogany, cashmere and sandalwood🌸 

The introverted, laidback energy of Syd brings with it the encouragement for thought and reason. It provides an anchoring balance for those who may find themselves being more often than not led by emotion, ego and expectations.

Instead of being confrontational and challenging, the Syd Elixir gifts you with opportunities to be more logical, analyzing people, situations and experiences with a rational eye. If you’re seeking an independent existence, free from the binding of others’ perspectives, Syd is ideal for incorporating into your rituals and routines.💫

Syd works well with the energies of the Ari, India and Erykah Elixirs or as a solo tool. The smooth confidence and mellow vibe of this Limited Edition design brings stability or amplification to just about any other energy that you choose to work with.🌟

Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Throat, Third Eye☸️ 
Self-Honor, Protection, Charm & Attraction, Personal Peace, Letting Go, Inner Work, Healing, Personal Freedom🌟