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Goddess Elixir: SZA
Goddess Elixir: SZA

Goddess Elixir: SZA

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1 oz./Dropper…10 mL/Roller👑🌟 A dreamy blend of mango, meadow lily and Italian mandarin🌸

Goddess Elixir: SZA was created and crafted for those who have begun to recognize themselves as sovereign beings who derive power from their connection to Source and all other energies in the cosmos.💫 She assists in empowering those who feel most at home in and working with nature, especially those drawn to the Water and Air elements. SZA is the perfect inclusion to Moon work, as she carries an intuitive and electrifying vibe to intensify your rituals. She is also the consummate energy for the polar objectives of reconciliation and separation and can be used powerfully in Cut & Clear work.🌟

Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye, Crown☸️

Charm & Attraction, Personal Peace, Fun-Loving, Ambition, Letting ago, Inner Work, Healing, Personal Freedom, Sexuality, Mysticism🌟