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Goddess Enchanted Incense

Goddess Enchanted Incense

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Working With the Goddess Enchanted Incense🌬

Using incense intentionally is a form of Air magic...it connects our own divine energy to that of the cosmos, as the smoke rises.💫

Incense can be used as a support tool for a spell or it can be the spell itself. You can use any incense for your spellwork, but if you are using my Goddess Enchanted Incense, light the incense and set your intentions, based on the Goddess’ properties.👑

You can fill a space with your intention by burning the incense and letting the scented smoke permeate the area and you or anyone else going into that space is coming in direct contact with your intention.✨

You can use the Incense to...

Bring in (love, prosperity, protection, road opening, etc...) or clear out (removing bad energy from within or without)🌬

Smudge yourself🌬

Create a particular aura around yourself—glamour, healing etc...🌬

Bless, cleanse, feed or enchant other objects🌬

Burn for divination by reading the smoke, a form of divination known as capnomancy🌬

Meditation and insight🌬