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Enchanted Steam Blends, Large
Enchanted Steam Blends, Large
Enchanted Steam Blends, Large
Enchanted Steam Blends, Large

Enchanted Steam Blends, Large

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My Enchanted Steam Blends (created by Herbal Wellness by Karmistry🌱) offer a therapeutic and versatile way to harness the spirit energy of plants and flowers. These blends are handpicked and crafted by Karma, who holds extensive experience in working with herbs and plants.

The Enchanted Steams can be used:

To make intention teas for you to drink or add to your bath🍵🌸🛁

To use during yoni steam or smoke sessions.💐💨

In addition to the traditional benefits of teas, spiritual baths, smoking and yoni steaming (including regulating the menstrual cycle, relieving bacterial infections and increasing lubrication and fertility), each blend in this collection of 5 provides a different enchantment energy based on intention:

“Purple Reign” for enhancing your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities🔮🌿

“Nirvana” for achieving a prolonged state of calmness and personal peace🧘🏾‍♀️🌿

“Soul Salve” for moving through the process of emotional, spiritual and/or physical healing with ease🌬🌿

“Liquid Gold” for inciting an alignment with the energy of prosperity, opportunities and success💸🌿

“Siren” for intensifying libido and personal magnetism😍🌿

Plants and herbs have life energy and spirits that form the wisdom and consciousness of each one. Being intentional with herbs and plants helps to turn what we seek from them into what we intend to create when we work with them.

Regardless of which purpose your steam is intended for or the method of use that you have planned for it (yoni steam, tea, or bath) the following tips are helpful in activating the herbs and plants used in them:

🌸🌱Hold your steam pack and allow your senses to take in the energy of it and the smell and collective spirit of the herbs used

🌸🌱Thank them for their presence and for working, in advance, towards your specific intentions and the intention of the pack, in general

🌸🌱Take a moment to speak out loud, visualize or otherwise sense your purpose for this session. You can do this each time you use the pack, as your intentions may vary from one use to another

🌸🌱These steam packs can be used for yoni steaming, to make a tea, to add to a spiritual bath (in either case, simply add a portion of the herbs to spring or distilled water, then boil, steep and strain) or for herbal smoke sessions 

Contraindications for Yoni Steaming:

🌸🌿Pregnant goddesses or those that could be

🌸🌿Goddesses who are menstruating or actively bleeding (including spotting)

🌸🌿Goddesses with an internal/ active infection

🌸🌿Goddesses with any cervical, uterine or ovarian inflammation or open sores

🌸🌿Goddesses with IUDs 

Disclaimer: The Goddess Enchanted Steam Blends do not intend to diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate or cure any disease, health concern or illness. You are recommended to consult with a qualified health professional before using new herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or on any medications.

For a complete listing of the herbal content of each Steam pack, please send inquiries to🌸