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Goddess In Me Personalized Elixir
Goddess In Me Personalized Elixir
Goddess In Me Personalized Elixir

Goddess In Me Personalized Elixir

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Each Elixir is crafted by me during an intense meditation, to reflect the energy needed to help each individual Goddess reach her highest frequency. Once the Elixir has been created, it will charge in my possession for ONE MONTH before it is sent to its Goddess. To prepare you mentally, emotionally and spiritually to receive and work with your Elixir, as well as to add your own element of enchantment, you will also receive: 

A guided meditation specifically created by Jamie Fleming of Black Mom’s Guide to Calm for those working with the Goddess In Me Elixir🧘🏾‍♀️

A personal invocation for you to enchant and activate your Elixir🌬

Your own unique fragrance blend, crafted with your energetic blueprint in mind🌸

A gorgeous hue: Cosmic Purple Sky or Rose Gold Summer🌈

A customized label with your name handwritten in metallic gold🌟

Please provide me with a valid email address for you, so that your inclusions can be sent to you for your use with this Elixir. PLEASE ALSO FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME with any questions that you may have regarding the Goddess In Me Elixir and its creation process👑