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I Am Patient
I Am Patient

I Am Patient

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Intention Oil/1 oz...Intention Mist/4 oz...Roller/10 mL

Used to strengthen your virtue of patience and peace of knowing. The Universe knows your intentions and what you cannot see and do not know, so if it doesn’t flow, it’s because it doesn’t contribute to your intention. Remember, it’s our job to decide the what (the experience that we want to have), not the how. That’s the Universe’s job. Let it do it’s job and know that IT knows and can see things that you cannot. If something you’re trying to do can contribute to your intentions and your greatest good, it will flow as it should.👑

Inhale the fragrance while reciting its title or with your specific intention in mind. Apply (to body, to ritual tools, to the space around you, etc...). Inhale fragrance again when a reminder of your intention is needed. After consistent use, the brain will automatically make a connection between your subconscious, your specific intention and the fragrance, helping to cultivate a supportive frequency for success.✨