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Alchemy Intention Elixir...1 oz./Mist...4 oz.

“Intuition” exists in all of us; it’s a built-in navigation and guidance system. It’s the inner sense of knowing that links the conscious and the non-conscious brain.✨

Not trusting or using your intuition takes away your experience and your process. Learning to honor your intuition is essential, because doing so will strengthen it, which will always lead you to what’s for YOU. That’s where the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, joy and fulfillment come from.✨

Trusting and following your own intuition is essential to coming into your own power. Strengthening and listening to your own intuition opens you to new ideas and opportunities. People who actively and consistently develop their intuition make better, faster choices and are less likely to second guess themselves. Living intuitively allows you to trust your own observations and decisions, enjoy lower stress levels and experience life in a calmer, happier way.✨

Intuition is created to foster a strengthening of and trust in one’s own inner system of enlightenment.✨ 

Work With Intuition to: 

More clearly hear and interpret your inner voice💎

Sharpen your awareness to the occurrences and information around and within you💎

Develop discernment in filtering and applying information💎

Increase intentionality in using your mind and discernment💎

Enhance your creativity and decision-making skill💎

Better understand vibrations and act on them💎

Move forward in solidarity with your choices💎

More fully enjoy alone time💎

Understand how to use your feelings and senses as information💎