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Sweet Sovereignty Brown Sugar Scrub

Sweet Sovereignty Brown Sugar Scrub

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Available in 4 and 8 oz.

Sweet Sovereignty is a magical mixture of fine-grain brown sugar, EVO coconut oil, hand-grounded Angelica root and a pleasant vanilla and kiwi fragrance blend with a hint of lemon.🌸

This soothing scrub calls forth the sweet and beautiful experiences that you deserve as you understand and accept the responsibility of honoring Self first.✨

Use Sweet Sovereignty on the soles of the feet at the beginning of your week, to encourage kindness and grace to follow you wherever you go. Use on the hands and rinse with water as a reminder of the ease and favor that the Universe shows to everything you touch. Use as an all-over body scrub during bathing, being careful not to apply to the face, internally or to areas where the skin is irritated or sensitive.