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The World is Mind
The World is Mind

The World is Mind

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10 mL 

The Law of Mentalism, considered to be “the first law of the universe,” states that All is mental or All is mind. This dictates that all creations, experiences and realities begin in the mind and things are exactly as you think them to be. Your mind is the greatest and most powerful tool that you can ever use, although it can be helpful to use other tools in support of it. 

As a steward of the mind, it is your job to control it, and by extension, control your life, instead of the other way around. Understanding this allows you to be the creator of your own universe, capable of making changes where you see fit.

Use The World Is Mind to:

Support the practice, repetition and discipline needed to train your mind to feed the outcome that it desires.💫

Begin to view your mind as open, expansive and clear.💫 

Become more intentional and goal-oriented in your manifesting.💫

Foster less of a reliance on the power of tools and the physical realm and more of a reliance on the mind and the mental realm. This means less time, money, and energy on rituals with the same or even more powerful results.💫

Apply to skin and Inhale the fragrance with your specific intention in mind. Inhale fragrance again when a reminder of your intention is needed. After consistent use, the brain will automatically make a connection between your subconscious, your specific intention and the fragrance, helping to cultivate a supportive frequency for success.✨