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Alchemy Intention Elixir...1 oz./Mist...4 oz.

“Transmutation” is taking a “bad” situation and reasoning it into a situation from which you can benefit. In other words, changing a negative into a positive .💎

Transmutation is the centuries-old alchemical process of transforming something from one form to another. In the context of mental alchemy, it is the ability to convert something that initially appears as a loss into an advantage. Transmutation is a major part of healing and the metamorphosis of your human self into your Divine Self.✨

People who have difficulty transmuting their situations or transforming themselves often do not know who/what they are (god/goddess), see themselves as perennial victims and also have given up control of their own vibration to the external.✨

Transmutation is crafted to help you tap into the creativity of your deeper, uninhibited consciousness to turn your situations, experiences and Self “from lead into gold.”✨

Work With Transmutation to: 

Break the tendency of looking back at past situations with a low frequency of regret💎

Help you to see experiences more clearly as benefits and assets, instead of baggage and losses💎

Detach from seeing yourself as nothing more than a victim💎

Get out of the habit of guilting yourself from seeing the advantages in challenging situations💎

Stop overthinking and revisiting minor, yet frustrating details of past experiences💎

Create your own boundaries and personal belief systems💎

Reinforce the concept of energy neutrality💎

Eliminate personal “karma”💎